Promotion on Instagram: what is “selling photos”


Many business owners want to move to Instagram, but it is important to remember that this social network is oversaturated with advertising and selling posts. If you make even minor mistakes in promotion, you can end up losing to competitors and losing profits.

Photo quality plays a very important role since Instagram is primarily a visual social network. The more expensive your product or service is, the more expensive the photo should look. Improper submission and low cost photos can greatly affect the overall impression. This determines the final result because of the need to hook the user’s attention in a few seconds. Statistics of experts in the field of Instagram confirms the fact that if your photo does not catch the attention in the first moments of viewing, in most cases the photo will be missed. When launching paid advertising campaigns with the help of target, the advertising budget can be greatly lost.

Fast photos on a mobile phone without taking into account the correctness of the frame can only afford those niches of business that do not set high prices. Very often, Instagram users just by the quality of the photos begin to judge the quality of the product or evaluate the performance of your company.

If the photo is bad, then it can never sell! The quality of selling photos for Instagram is influenced by the correct and beneficial light, the surrounding details, the general background, the relevance of the product for a particular frame. A large number of surrounding parts, too bright and distracting attention from the product or service accents can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the sale. If the product has a bright design with a lot of details, then the background feed should always be minimalistic and very simple.

The photo of the goods should reflect its advantageous sides and details. For example, a photo of a bag is best done in such a way that it does not seem flat, showing volume and design solutions. The surrounding background details should be relevant. It is very good to shoot not only the product itself in the background, but also the product in use. For example, dresses work well on models or bags in the hands of models.

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