High-tech Russian robot Boris turns out to be actor in robot suit

Russian Robot Boris

The Russian robot Boris, presented at the forum “Future Intellectual Leaders of Russia”, was a man in a fancy dress “Robot”

When the truth came out, russian the federal TV channel «Russia 24»  removed that video from their official YouTube account .

Journalists presented it as “the most modern robot in the world” as well as much that Russia represents under the slogan “The best in the world” – it turned out to be fake.

 Russian Robot Boris

As users wrote, there were no sensors visible on the robot, there was no information about it on other resources, or information about the development stages of the Russian Robot named Boris.

Everyone understood that the robot on TV was an actor – animator in the “Robot Alyosha” costume.

Perhaps, if the Internet was local in Russia (Russia wants to separate from the Internet as in Korea), people would never know about it and people lived with the thought “Yes, we are ahead of the rest of the world” – this is good or bad, decide for yourself.

PS. Or maybe it’s a cyborg? 🙂

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