Google Presentation

Google Presentation

Google Presentation is a web presentation processing service. Do not replace MS PowerPoint, but there are useful features, for example, for teamwork. The presentation is available where there is Internet is placed on GoogleDisk. For example, when you need a business presentation on a business trip. You can only choose PowerPoint, but it is far from perfect.

Who and how can use?

Google presentations are a free alternative to PowerPoint, with the ability to form, edit, share files by specifying the addresses of the recipients. You can limit their viewing.
The choice of templates is limited, all are static: there is no animation, sound effects, no videos. While using patterns, some effects will be helpful. The font set is also small. However, this is probably even a plus of service: the creators of presentations often “experiment” with fonts, this negatively affects the final product. Google Presentation uses only web fonts.
You can edit, import slides from PowerPoint. Filepoint limit (by volume) PowerPoint – 10 MB.
Completed work can be placed on the network. This feature completely satisfies the user, for presentations you can create many slides. Google Presentation gives (to choose from) a certain number of template slides with various titles and captions. But what relates to the creation of various effects (except for the text) – punctures.

What are the advantages-disadvantages?

Although you can upload photos, graphics, formulas, such features are only available in pptx format. On iOS, you can get around this point by leaving the PowerPoint format in the settings, although this does not always work.
Virtually no problems with editing the content added earlier, for example, images can be resized, rotated the way you want. If necessary, you can add notes to the slide, sort the documents.
You can see how the presentation looks in the mode of showing the audience. Having edited the document, you get its exact copy on the phone – the synchronization works fine. The document will be saved on the phone, tablet for offline access, without a network.

Google Presentation – not suitable for creating documents, but for prompt, mobile editing – quite! The application is probably ahead of mobile MS PowerPoint in terms of functionality, although the range of functions is not so great. Compact Google Presentation can always help.

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